Timesheets for staffing agencies

The easiest way to report, collect, and approve hours.

Skip the drawn-out process

Built specifically for staffing agencies, Hourglass is the only locum tenens timesheet management software that speeds up and automates the process of collecting and approving hours.

“We went from spending 8 hours per week emailing, printing, signing, and faxing timesheets to not even thinking about it. Hourglass let's us focus on what's important.”

Ryan Pearson, Locum Tenens Team Lead
Digital timesheet form

Track and manage at-a-glance

Easily keep track of which timesheets you still need in, or still need approval signatures for without searching your email inbox.

Main dashboard interface

The Old Way

  1. Email blank timesheet to your contractor
  2. Provider edits timesheet
  3. Provider prints timesheet
  4. Provider signs printed timesheet
  5. Provider scans completed and signed timesheet
  6. Provider emails timesheet to staffing agency
  7. Agency admin receives and reviews contractor's timesheet
  8. Agency forwards contractor-signed timesheet to client facility for approval
  9. Client facility admin prints timesheet
  10. Client facility admin signs timesheet
  11. Client facility admin scans timesheet
  12. Client facility admin emails scanned timesheet back to locums agency
  13. Agency receives completed, signed, and approved timesheet
  14. Finally recieve signed and approved timesheet

The Hourglass way

1 Automatic reminder email sent out
2 Provider fills out timesheet online
3 Link sent to fetch approval signature
DONE! Receive a completed, signed, and approved timesheet in your inbox.

As Simple As Possible

Optimized for Speed

Optimized for effeciency, speed and ease of use. You'll wonder how you ever managed the old way.

Works on any device
Works on any device that has a web browser. Completed timesheets are delivered as a PDF.
Automated Reminders
Reminder emails are sent automatically when it's time to fill out a new timesheet.
Secure e-Signatures
Both providers and approval signatures are captured quickly and securely online.
Keep Track of Everything
Agency-focused dashboard gives you an at-a-glance update on the status of your needed timesheets.
Export as PDFs
Work within your existing invoice workflow by saving and exporting all timesheets as PDFs.
Agency Notifications
Signed and Approved PDFs are emailed to your inbox as soon as their submitted.
Document Mileage
Optionally, allow providers to include mileage on weekly timesheets.
Real-time Error Catching
Reduce time-consuming errors with programmatic double-checking.

Ready to dive in?

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